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Tack Cloth Bx50

  • Tack Cloth Bx50
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Our Tack Cloths consist of a cotton scrim impregnated with a tacky resin that has been specially formulated to be compatible with all paint systems. The tack cloth’s application is to act as a pre-paint wiping cloth for the removal of unwanted specks of dust or dirt from the surface of the component being treated. Method: Use the tack cloth as supplied, wiping in a straight line across the complete panel. Do not start or stop wiping midway across a panel. Do not use undue pressure or wipe in a circular motion. Do not wipe into corners where snagging may occur as this may result in the tack cloth fraying, and it may leave linters. When not in use store tack cloths in the polythene bags provided, to keep them clean and away from direct sunlight, to prevent any drying of the resin.

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